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Effective Penis Exercises

Like any muscle, getting the best from your penis requires exercise. However, many don't know anything about how to carry out penis exercise. Here's 4 ways to improve size and power, particularly when combined with a Bathmate hydropump.

Exercise #1

Grip the head of your penis (the glans) and stretch up for ten seconds. Now do the same, pointing it downwards for another ten seconds. Repeat this but pointing to your right, and then your left. Do this twice a day, five minutes a time.

Exercise #2

Holding the head of your penis again, pull the penis away from you. Use your thumb to press down the base of your shaft while holding the head up with your other hand. Do this for ten seconds and repeat, but point to the left and then the right. Repeat this for five minutes once or twice a day.

Exercise #3

Stretch the penis in opposite directions, by pulling the glans gently away from the body and the base towards your body. Do this for ten seconds and repeat for five minutes every day.

Exercise #4

Taking your penis with both hands, press the skin back as far as you can for ten seconds each time. The further you stretch back, the better the results will be. This should be done for five minutes once or twice a day.


While flaccid, starting from the base, move your finger and thumb (which should be forming an ‘ok’ sign) up the shaft, stopping before the glans. Each session should last between 5-20 minutes. To maximise your results, try Max Out, our jelqing serum!


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