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How to Last Longer in Bed

Longer lasting sex can be a lot more fun. However, a lot of people can't go for as long as they'd like to. There's a few different ways to enhance your sexual stamina. We're taking a look at a few of the best ways to last longer in bed.

Get Relaxed

One of the key problems when it comes to sexual stamina is anxiousness. Learn to calm down and become more confident during sex. You and your partner will both notice a real, pleasurable difference!

Try New Positions

Sex doesn't just have to be about penetration. If you're having trouble lasting, try some more foreplay or oral sex. This is fun for your partner (and you), and gives you a chance to build back up.

Sexual Stamina Exercises

By carrying out some simple sexual stamina-boosting exercises, you can really improve your sexual stamina. We recommend starting out with penis kegels, a simple and effective exercise.

You may never have tried it, but you can flex your flaccid penis. Just concentrate on moving it, and you should feel a change. Flex for a few seconds and break, repeating 10 times in a row at first.

Boost Sexual Stamina with Bathmate

Bathmate is an effective way to improve sexual stamina long term. By using our hydropumps, you'll get bigger, longer-lasting erections and be able to last longer in bed. Click through to find the perfect hydropump for you!


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