How Does a Bathmate Hydropump Work?

Penis pumps are a popular and effective way to improve penis size, erection quality and personal confidence. Even for penis pump users, however, the actual science behind how pumps work can be a mystery. 

Basically, penis pumps work by pulling blood into the penis. This gives users an erection, making pumps a powerful way to fight the effects of Erectile Dysfunction. Over time, users see even more impressive effects.

By exercising the penile tissue, penis pumps build up size, like most other forms of exercise. Because of how penis tissue is shaped, users typically see an increase in girth to begin with, followed by length after extended use. 

Penis pumps also improve blood circulation to the penis, allowing for a greater intake of blood. This leads to harder, longer-lasting erections.

Exclusively produced by Bathmate, our Hydromax pumps are better than other penis pumps, however. Using warm water instead of air, our pumps provide a gentle yet effective exercise, while making skin and tissue easier to expand.

Bathmate delivers better performance than other pumps, with results guaranteed within 60 days. Head over to our Penis Size Calculator to find the perfect Hydromax.


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